Star Bright Bunk Bed

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Star Bright Bunk Bed

The Star Bright Bunk Bed is part of the stylish Star Bright collection of wooden doll furniture from Imagination Generation.

Star light, star bright, I've tucked in my babies for the night, one of the the top, high as a kite, the other below, snuggled up tight. And if my babies start to cry, I'll sing them little lullabies, like "Hush, Little Baby" and "Rock-a-bye," and soon they'll start to close their eyes!

Just lay your doll down in the Star Bright Bunk Bed, pull up the covers, and tuck them in! And if your dolls decide they're too big for bunk beds, you can even separate the beds out into twin beds.

  • Designed or 18" Dolls
  • Measures 20" x 11" x 19.5"
  • All Natural Wood
  • Safe Water-Based Paints
  • Ages 3+

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