Smart Shapes Sorting Cube

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Smart Shapes Sorting Cube

The Smart Shapes Sorting Cube is a wooden shape sorting toy from Imagination Generation.

The classic shape sorting cube: traditional, simple, but packed with educational value. Most importantly, it's fun! Features 12 chunky, vibrant block shapes; square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, oval, clover, diamond, rhombus, trapezoid, octagon, pentagon, and star! . Flip and turn the blocks, figure out which shape belongs in which hole, and drop it in! When you're done, open the lid, take them out, and start all over again!

The Smart Shapes Sorting Cube is the ultimate shape sorter! No two holes are alike, and no two shapes fit the same hole. Young learners 18 months and older can learn all sorts of new shapes and colors, and manipulating each wooden block until it fits its hole hones fine motor skills and sharpens spatial reasoning.

  • 13 Piece Set
  • All Natural Wood
  • Safe Water-Based Paints
  • Age 18 months and up
  • No Assembly Required

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